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Eeyore on Acid

Pure Scottro
4 August 1973
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I am reading a book. I am keeping up with a TV show. I am writing a song. I am waiting for the man. I am waiting for the woman. I am always in school. I will never retire. I have a zit.
*just about everything, adult swim, air, air hockey, am radio, amon tobin, amélie, anime, aphex twin, art, asshats, baseball, beethoven, bike riding, bill hicks, bjork, books, buddhism, carl jung, carnivorous plants, cartoons, cats, christianity, classical physics, cocteau twins, coen brothers, comic books, comics, communication, compassion, computer games, computers, conciousness, creativity, cursing, david bowie, dj shadow, dogs, donnie darko, dr. phil, dreams, drugs, electronica, elliott smith, eminem, ender's game, family guy, film, flowers, girls, goldfish, good and evil, guns, harry potter, henry david thoreau, improvement, intelligent dance music, interpol, japan, japanese, japanese animation, japanese culture, jesus, joy division, kids in the hall, lou reed, love, macs, magnetic fields, mahler, marvin gaye, miyazaki, movies, mozart, mr show, music, my bloody valentine, neil gaiman, news, nightmares, nikola tesla, nine inch nails, ocean, orchids, peter jackson, philosophy, photography, picasso, piercings, pink floyd, pj harvey, poetry, prince, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, quantum zen, quantum zombies, radiohead, rem, ren & stimpy, salvador dali, science, sex, sigur rós, slugs, snow monkies, sonic youth, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, stars, sushi, television, texas, the beatles, the cure, the daily show, the flaming lips, the mind, the moon, the orb, the reel deal, the smashing pumpkins, the sun, thrift stores, tiny dancers, tortoise, twin peaks, u2, understanding, weather, writing, yoga, zero point energy, zombies.