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16th-Nov-2008 07:00 pm - I have not posted in a while.....
...so I shall now.

I saw a shooting star last night. I made no wish. I'll save it for later.

I also learned the song "Wouldn't it be Nice" by the Beach Boys. WOW! I actually had to practice that song. I mean it is not so simple as one would expect......but then again Pet Sounds is one of the best albums ever.
24th-May-2008 12:48 pm(no subject)
i was asked........to say what was up in life from today. by a pro

so how do i feel?

i suck.
10th-May-2008 04:08 pm - Wow AM I in the Luck or what!!!!
Good Day,
I am sorry to have contacted you this way, but this is the only medium by which I can get to you quickly and privately due to the confidentiality of the matter. I am Mr. Andy Inglis, the CEO, Exploration and Production of British Petroleum Limited. I am contacting you because I see you as a reliable person who I can patterner with to complete this business.

I need your cooperation to transfer a total of GBP 65,000,000 representing an Excess Capital Funds generated from barrels of oil we sold between 2005/2007. Being the CEO, Exploration and Production of British Petroleum, I can influence the approval and payment to you as our private investor. If you can assist me pull out this money from our PTF account, we will share it equitably between us.

All that is needed first is a suitable and private account where this money will be transferred and your trust. At the moment, I am restrained from issuing more information about this deal until your compliance is guaranteed. If you are interested, Please respond as soon as possible and send your full contact details. Thank you for your time and attention.

Mr. Andy Inglis
International Headquarters 1 St James's Square London, SW1Y 4PD UK
21st-Apr-2008 05:20 pm - le sigh
it is funny, but i have been seeing "le sigh" on online blogs and articles lately. i know a LONG time ago i started using that online - i thought i made it up...it was for an album titled "le fun, le sigh". i am just curious if i saw "le sigh" somewhere in my youth or something...strange how these things come up. it reminds of a friend's brother that SWORE he came up with the word "dickweed". he was quite serious about it. i am not. i have no clue. what is original anyway? ;)

in other news there is no other news fit to blog. i just am - and that is enough for today.

26th-Mar-2008 07:59 am - i sooo love myspace
"Im Ruth )
I really feel shy, but I have to tell you, Scottro, that you are just a man of my dreams... I found your profile by accident but now Im sure its a destiny! ))
Frankly speaking... I want to find a man who will help me to realise all my fantasies, oh, feel really SO timid to write it... !!! but I mean my $exy fantasies.. )))
your photos are marvellous... but Im sure in your real life you will excite me even more! ))
thats incredible... but Im moving to Ft. Worth, Texas United States soon! )
So... I would like to keep up a friendship with you, Scottro!"

**just be real....it is not that hard. but what creeps me out is this myspace entity called be my nickname. scottro...i feel so violated :)
23rd-Mar-2008 12:15 pm - songwriting 101
i have no posted much lately.....i feel bad about that.

so in my own way...i want to talk about what i like to do

so here is how you can write a song

okay music at its core is math -

1- 4- 5

in any spacing chord structure works like that
songs that use this structure - sweet jane, louie louie, wild thing and so many more (different keys but whatever)

so we start with C

C - F - G

as a guitar is tuned, we have C (1) F(4) G(5)

now we need structure

so now i hold onto C for 2 measures and F for 1 and G for 1


now we have a dominant form simple but universal

okay so i am just a jackass playing chords

let's add some lyrics

let's be universal in lyrics as well


we all have been there unless you are some robot type thing

okay i am a hetro male
so i will send my longing to a female
so hmmm...let's make up a name to protect the real woman this is about

i like "eve"

cool name multiple meanings

so - now comes the poetry

eve i saw
eve i went eve i bought til i was spent by you

ummm ....hmm....not so good

so lets get bendy with the language

eve some (CCCCCCCCCCC)
ever more some
even i got some
in non by trial
hammer hits wood
as if i am a trunkk


eve came and went (still C)
i had nothing some to spend (FFFF)
on you my love (GGGG)
it is, my hangover (etc)
it was, a leftover
a heart made of
made of glue with nothing to stick to
try to be i need you in me i want a friendly sea
a storm of kisses and life full of misses
it waves me away

okay - weird and not really much to do about anything
which is perfect

so now we need a break, a middle 8

so A minor is best for this key

and lyrics that come out of the blue

honestly i have no idea....right now about middle 8 lyrics as usual it will come to me at unexpected times

soooo now we have the melody

you can be in key and float around G-F-C (think any ramone's song) or drop down a half step.....and the go major for the thrill of it all

but anyway...that is not how i write...my creative process is exactly like throwing up - but i do get a kick out of trying to make sense of it all.
i got a nice little worky work type job....making more than i have ever made. the intArview process was cute and i guess i charmed my way into a new cello, amp, pro tools and a guitar...i am kind of giddy. so be it.

between us, i kind of like the company (logistics and blah blah blah kind of stuff via ATT and Apple)....

i guess i wonder like all of us - am i the job or is the job me? what is my price?

15th-Jan-2008 06:59 pm - lately, for fun
- read juno script
- guitar sinter..i played a swell studio gibson.
- salman rushdie
- lentil soup with pistacios
- "lost" lol, during the writer's strike
- installed "ubuntu" linux

fun fun fun on the autobahn
9th-Jan-2008 07:01 pm - Strike!!!
In support of the writers, I shall blog no more until this horrible (even greater than Darfur) injustice is eliminated. I mean it!

(and there was much rejoicing)

But seriously....or not really seriously. Ummmmm....but anyway - I have had the urge to actually buy CDs lately. So -

Let it Die, The Reminder/Feist
Sound Grammar/Ornette Coleman
Sound of Silver/LCD Soundsystem
Best of...,The Blurred Crusade/The Church (old stuff for cheap I liked when I was quite young)

I am very pleased and lucky. I give high marks for all. No lower than 4/5 stars for all. The best of the bunch, so far, is easily Kala. I find it creepy, pretty, violent, scummy, pretty western and eastern (sort of) scale elctrotechno-rap wondernoise. OR something.
2nd-Jan-2008 03:35 pm - Merry New Yearz
Well, my Holiday experience was great. Verrrry surprising. I had a wonderful time as I was clear of mind and spirit (not kidding). It was important for that to have happened. It gave me pause...and time to understand I can simply be. This is something I have questioned much over the last year.

I am writing (still need to flesh some of the lyrics) a country song called "Bad Luck Divine" which I kinda like. It is a song about being positive about fate....accepting fate. I am not sure I agree with that, but I don't write autobiographies. I don't write propaganda.

Anyway, I truly hope all are doing as well as possible :) Take care.....
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