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Eeyore on Acid
A Waltz I wrote using Finale 2010 
11th-Feb-2010 09:18 pm
Download Scott Rogers - Cityofz

So, I obtained Finale 2010. Here is something very old that I wrote on piano that I have always wanted to orchestrate. It is not even as close to being finished as the Death Star was finished in Return of the Jedi, lol. I am new to the program therfore it is sloppy....but I hope the listener can get the point...

The point is that it is a study in context of the Vienna Waltz form....It is intended not to be groundbreaking, lol, but a basic study in form composition.

Points of order on the piece -

-The MP3 goes on in silence at about 57 secs because of the export I did.....
-It is missing most of the woodwinds
-Oboe too loud in one part.
-Tympani not finished.
-I have not begun on the counter theme and tie back into altered main theme....
-20-25% done.
-Lots of fun to actually hear my own creation.
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