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Eeyore on Acid
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12th-Jun-2015 09:42 pm - Try to thought a place think in my
I am back on live journal. I have always enjoyed it here.
19th-Sep-2011 11:52 pm - I wonder....
I simply feel unreal. I wonder if my memories are mine. I have been thinking about my past. I wonder if it was real. Is real. So specific my memories are.......It is frightening to just treat the past as only memory. I have things around me that proves it all true. I guess I could burn them too.
11th-Feb-2010 09:18 pm - A Waltz I wrote using Finale 2010
Download Scott Rogers - Cityofz

So, I obtained Finale 2010. Here is something very old that I wrote on piano that I have always wanted to orchestrate. It is not even as close to being finished as the Death Star was finished in Return of the Jedi, lol. I am new to the program therfore it is sloppy....but I hope the listener can get the point...

The point is that it is a study in context of the Vienna Waltz form....It is intended not to be groundbreaking, lol, but a basic study in form composition.

Points of order on the piece -

-The MP3 goes on in silence at about 57 secs because of the export I did.....
-It is missing most of the woodwinds
-Oboe too loud in one part.
-Tympani not finished.
-I have not begun on the counter theme and tie back into altered main theme....
-20-25% done.
-Lots of fun to actually hear my own creation.
I just signed on Twitter. God help me I am already a little bit deep fried by the newness of it all.

I am traveling to central Texas/Austin for a week, but mainly for lake LBJ to practice piracy.

I am also quitting smoking. So - I want no triggers, no one to smoke near me, or on T.V.,at the movies, not even in space (although the astronauts may need a cigarette in the space station if all I hear is correct. They seem to be fighting a bit. I know they have Valium (or some diazepam) up there. That would be better. Plus a pure oxygen environment is not the best place to light ANYTHING up. I blame the Russian astronauts for the fighting, that's the way your hardcore Commie works....). Anyway........

By luck or providence, I obtained tickets to see My motherfucking Bloody Valentine. They play Coachella, Austin and then my destination -Dallas. I am all smiles. If you live in Austin you might interested in seeing them.........


*Hopes they don't flake out, which is VERY possible!*
I am playing a Farfisa, although I was the lead guitar player as well on most of the songs.

Here I am looking like such a gentleman playing the guitar. BTW -Who is that other woman playing with us? I don't even remember her. Not Bridget, our drummer, the other one.

Human Cannonball. Butthole Surfer's song. Simple and fun to play. I am behind the bass player.

Don't Die on Me Baby. I play a solo on this one. Because. I. Rock. ;)

I am not in this video, but I do love it, and you get to see Jason and Bridget's child near the end.

3rd-Apr-2009 09:27 pm(no subject)
sorry to talk about sex. i don't think of women that way. i am such a nerd, geek, loser.....
3rd-Apr-2009 03:11 pm - My star of the sun someday....
Since I am posting again. I have a bad habit. I am too honest. I want sex and I want it now. Adult FUN. Pleasure for us both.

3rd-Apr-2009 11:19 am - I found a reason
I am posting again, I was asked to.

What do I have to say right now?

"I do not avoid women, Mandrake, but I do deny them my essence."

Nothing better than movie quote to break the ice. Again.
24th-Nov-2008 11:28 am - NERDGASM
If there is any question about what is at the center of my tootsie roll pop........this is the most amusing thing I have seen all year -


I am a fully armed and operational nerd.
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